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      1. Welcome to Deqi Automation Technology (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd.
        Rich experience

        We focus on robot system research, development, production and sales services., provide customers professional integration and applications of industrial robot.

        Leading technology

        With German technology、High quality、High reliability、 turnkey project

        Integrated services

            We provide customer-oriented after-sales service and professional technical training

        Overall Solution

        We provide the solution from consulting, planning, design, manufacturing and service for customers.


        About us

        Deqi Automation Technology (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. is a professional integrator of Robot automatic casting grinding & cleaning .
        It focuses on the R&D, manufacture and sales of robotic application systems, provides professional integrated application services and overall solutions to improve product quality and reduce production costs, and creates maximum value for our customer.

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        Deqi Automation Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

        Address:366 Xiangjing Road, building 6, Songjiang District, Shanghai , P.R.China

        Contact:Rock Wang







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